Engineering Education &Training Courses

Engineering Education &Training Courses

Industries all over the world face challenges of implementing new technologies and the need to deal with high cost of downtime, labour, spare parts quality and issues.

Efficient and effective production and delivery of goods and services for maximum customer satisfaction and cooperate profitability requires meticulous design, Production and maintenance of facilities, plant and engineering systems that create exceptional value expressed in terms of productivity, quality, safety and other metrics.

Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) and Optimum Resources Institute of Engineering and Technology (ORIENT) conduct research and training programmes in:

  • Engineering Management
  • Technology Management
  • Industrial Engineering Practice For Optimum Productivity, Quality and Safety
  • Managing R&D, Technical Services And Technological Innovation
  • Project Management, Operations Control & Implementation
  • Strategic Maintenance And Reliability Management
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Management , Control and Supervision of Engineering Workshop
  • Electro-Mechanical Multi-Skills
  • Asset Management and Condition Monitoring.
  • Improving Supervisory Performance in Maintenance Operations
  • Water Resources, Utilization, Waste Water Management &Pollution Control
  • Machine Operations And Supervision For Production Efficiency
  • Machine Lubrication And Equipment Protection
  • Instrumentation And Process Monitoring
  • Advanced Maintenance Operations Management
  • Managing Maintenance of Facilities and Infrastructures
  • Maintenance Planning and Management
  • Engineering Safety Management

Optimum Resources Institute of Engineering And Technology (ORIENT) provides research, education and training opportunities to increase managerial capabilities of scientists, engineers, technologists and allied technical workers for higher performance and greater career prospects.
Join any of the following applied engineering technology and technical management professional associations
For Open/In-House Training or Educational programmes have a chat with our Director of Education, Training and Consultancy Services. Contact us for professional guidance and support at Optimum Resources Careers Unit. Our career officers will be there to avail you the insights you need to make the right career decisions.


The Institute for Applied Engineering And Technology Management (IAETM) is part of the College of Production & Operations Management (COPOM) which evolved from the Department of Engineering and Technology Management (DETM) as strategic business (SBU). The Institute focuses on membership and non-membership based research, education and training which are relevant to industry and public sector needs. The Institute encourages its members, students and research partners to carry out problem-based projects that profer solutions to real industrial and societal problems and extend the frontiers of knowledge in such areas as Designing, Production and Maintenance, Reliability Management, Total Productive Management (TPM). Manufacturing  Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Production and Industrial Engineering related issues like ensuring efficient production processes and methods, productivity and quality improvements, project planning and execution, efficiencies, safety and  health cost, waste reduction, market analysis, product and  process design; and  policy advocacy  on reliability and maintenance of public and private infrastructures, indigenous technology development, technology acquisition and manufacturing technology management disruptive technology and technological change, innovation management etc.

Membership and training faculty are drawn from among persons with world-class grounding in engineering, management, economics, technology, production operations, marketing, supply chain and business management consultancy.

The synergistic power of knowledge and best practices of management, engineering and technology meet  at the Institute for Applied Engineering And technology Management and the Department of Engineering  and Technology Management  of COPM.

The Department of Engineering and Technology Management (DETM) integrates knowledge and from both engineering, technology and management disciplines as well as engineering contracting, project management and implementation and management consultancy experience spanning over 30years in both private and public sectors with team building, leadership, communication, interpersonal and customer service and skills and operations competencies for practical benefits in industry and government.

IAETM provides a rich learning and networking environment for members and students. The Institute is a greatly endowed centre of excellence for research and learning.



Engineering Management is a career practice that combines engineering and management principles and techniques in the successful administration of industrial operations. It is a discipline that combines both technological and managerial problem-solving abilities of persons involved in Operations Management. The knowledge and practice of Engineering Management is critical to the profitable production of goods and services globally.

Technology management roles come with different titles but it is essentially using the brain of a business operations manager to create competitive advantage and market leadership. Technology Managers are members of the senior production and operations management team, who should have orientation, knowledge and skills in business administration, operations, marketing and finance among others and must be cerebrally conceptual and a strategic thinker because technology is rapidly changing, broad and analytical, and cross-learning team player if he/she is to progress rapidly to top management.


The Society of Certified Maintenance (SCMON) is a membership-based professional divisional society of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM).The Society provides its members the opportunity to meet, discuss, network and share knowledge about global best practices of maintenance operations management. Members get certificate and have access to learning resources that their organizations may require to improve operations, reduce costs and increase reliability.


Project  production management for results and indeed, successful project initiation, planning, design, organization, control, direction, execution, co-ordination, monitoring, closure and evaluation of  requirements of the client while optimizing stakeholder’s value require professionalism. SPM Membership and Certification  as a credential helps you to authenticate your ability to lead projects successfully.

The Society for Project Management (SPM) is an NIPM Professional society that meets to discuss, share knowledge and experiences about best practices of Project Management. Members participate in training workshops and seminars. They receive publications and latest information in the field. Members also receives certificate of membership, gain access to Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma programmes as well as SPM Certification. Register with SPM to acquire knowledge and skills required for successful planning, execution and closing of projects of all types and at all levels globally.

NIPM and Optimum Resources Institute of Engineering And Technology (ORIENT) collaborate with;



Society for Certified Project Management



Institute for Applied Engineering And Technology Management



Society for Certified Maintenance Operations Management

To develop managerial capability of engineers and technologists for rapid career advancement through professional certification, membership admissions, training and upgrading, further graduate and post-graduate, education and mandatory continuing professional development.



Bag a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, HND/BSc Conversion, BSc or Master’s Degree through private study and problem-based project while you work in:

  • Industrial Engineering And Production Management
  • Engineering Maintenance Management.
  • Maintenance Operations Management.
  • Engineering And Technology Management
  • Technology Management And Industrialization
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Safety, Health And Environmental Management
  • Manufacturing And Engineering Operations Management

From a reputable University through affiliation of Optimum Resources Institute of Engineering And Technology  (ORIENT).

OPTIMUM RESOURCES> Engineering & Technology Management Division (ORETM)

ORETM has been involved in the training of engineers, managers, technicians and supervisors responsible for engineering services project management and maintenance operations functions in organization for many years. Optimum Resources Engineering Technology Management Division (ORETM) oversees the affairs of Optimum Resources Institute of Engineering And Technology (ORIENT). Optimum Resources Limited has  under its ORETM Division developed learning programmes and collaborated to train engineers, technologists and senior technicians of such multinationals, international, local manufacturers, industrials conglomerates such as:

CFAO Nigeria PLC● Cadbury Nigeria Plc● Friesland Campina WAMCO Nigeria Plc● Honda Manufacturing Nigeria Limited● Honeywell Superfine Foods Limited● Supreme Distillers Limited● Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited●De-United Foods Industries Limited and Federal Government Agencies like ●Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)  and ● Gulf Agency & Shipping Nigeria Limited.

NIPM and Optimum Resources collaborates with Universities, Post-Graduate Colleges and professional bodies globally to advance the careers of scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians through post-graduate, graduate and training certification programmes in Engineering Management, Technology Management, Project Management, Maintenance and Reliability Management to horn management, leadership and business leadership skills of persons in technical-centric roles. Programmes such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) or MSc./M. Tech. in Technology Management, or PGD in Project Management , Industrial Engineering And Production Management, Manufacturing And Engineering Operations Management, Engineering Safety Health and Environmental Management or Maintenance Operations Management will help holders of BSc or HND in Science, Engineering or Technology disciplines to take their career to higher level with greater employment and promotion opportunities in both public and private sectors.

For you to advance your career to senior and top management level in any organization , you need the right mix of technical or engineering courses with core business management courses such as finance, marketing, supply chain and logistics management, production and operation management, product research, development, design and planning, human resources management, organizational behavior, leadership, public policy analysis, corporate policy and strategy, project management, information technology, Business Strategy and Decisions.

Optimum Resources encourages scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians to engage in continuous education, training and self-development by enrolling for courses leading to the award Master’s Degree (MSc, MBA, M.Tech), Post- Graduate Diploma (PGD), Advanced Diploma, Diploma as well as Higher National Diploma (HND/BSc Conversion) programmes without disruption of work. These programmes are administered by the College of Production& Operations Management (COPOM) and College of Applied Management And Administration (CAMA) either solely or in collaboration with any reputable University. The duration of programmes is between 3 and 12 months in most cases.

Optimum Resources helps to facilitate employment, industrial partnerships in the areas of research and executive development, professional networking, information sharing and publications, entrepreneurship, small business start-ups by encourages scientists, engineers, technologist and technicians to become members of the following professional associations:


Operations Management centre of excellence. The Institute provides limitless opportunities for research, learning and professional career development in Operations Management as well as building competencies for effective Operations Management Development. The Institute of Operations Management Development (IoMD) admits, registers, trains and conducts certification and diploma examination, give membership and fellowship awards to deserving Operations Directors and Managers in both private and public sectors. IoMD was established by the College of Production And Operations Management (COPOM) as training institution and membership-based.

The key benefits of these non-profit professional groups is that members receive certificate of membership at appropriate grade levels, hold meetings and share knowledge both physically and on-line, receive publications, engage in networking to fast track their career and business prospects among other benefits. These groups get funding through membership fees which are used for membership services and further research and publications.

To take advantage of membership of the above professional associations or take counsel or guidance to enroll for MSc, MBA, M.Tech, PGD, BSc, Advanced Diploma and Diploma and Diploma education programmes, contact;


Enroll for Professional Certification, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, B.Sc, PGD, MSc, MBA in Engineering/