Consulting & Outsourcing Services

Consulting and Outsourcing Services Optimum Resources Consulting (ORC)

At Optimum Resources Consulting we work with both public and private sectors to create, superior value, improve systems, develop better processes, provide solutions to a wide range of challenges bordering on productivity, efficiency, quality, waste, cost, operations and sales performance, revenue generation and allied professional services.

We deploy our world class expertise and experience to offer genuine advice and situation-fit counsel to solve various types of problems at different levels of the organization.

Our tested, thoroughbred and proven consulting team has unbeatable record of integrity and outstanding performance, supporting multi-national, international and indigenous companies and government agencies. Our services include

  • HR Recruitment
  • Training & Development
  • Marketing Research & Sales Optimization
  • Productivity & Quality Management
  • Industrial Systems & process Improvement
  • Revenue Generation & Mobilization
  • Operations & Business Strategy

Optimum Resources Outsourcing Solutions (OROS)

Solutions is a key player in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector offering high quality and low cost options to justify our clients focus on theĀ  core business. Our professional services include Human Resources (HR) including Manpower Recruitment, Payroll Training, Security Operations, Facilities Maintenance, Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Legal Services and Administrative Support.

At Optimum Resources, we serve as membership/student recruitment and training centres for professional institutions and Universities. We collaborate with management consultants locally and internationally.

Optimum Resources Outsourcing also consults for organizations or individuals that need professional advice and guidance on manufacturing outsourcing, professional services outsourcing such as maintenance and security contracts, operational and project outsourcing, and process-specific or functional outsourcing such as Third Party Logistics.

Save a lot of money on overhead, let us help you with our unique capabilities to shoulder the burden of your complicated tasks and processes. Professionalism and effectiveness for value is our motto at Optimum Resource Outsourcing Solutions (OROS)