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Optimum Resources Professional Services Division (ORPSD) provides career guidance and counseling services and promotes professional development hinged on industry needs and potentials of individuals. By working with educational institutions, professional associations and employers of labour, Optimum Resources avail people who are desirous of career success and professional advancement the much needed professional guidance and advice that they require to win in today’s highly competitive global labour market.

Notable professional associations and institutions whose membership qualifications and certification are recognized in the country by employers of labour are as follows:


Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) also known as the Association for Production, Operations and Supply Chain Management is a professional body founded in 1987 registered in 1998 by the Federal Government to regulate the practice of Production and Operations Management. Key Stakeholders of the Institute are corporate and individual members comprising Government agencies and leading manufacturing companies in various industrial sectors as well as industrialists, CEOs and top executives, engineers, scientists, technologists and managers responsible for production, operations, supply chain, projects, logistics and transportation, safety, health and environment, procurement, materials management and stores/warehousing, quality, maintenance and  reliability, manufacturing, research development (R&D), etc. in agricultural, mining, oil & gas/energy, construction, manufacturing and service sectors. NIPM registers reputable organizations and qualified individuals under appropriate categories of membership, award certification, organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses in the broad areas of production, operations and supply chain management.

NIPM conducts professional examinations and offers Professional Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma courses and support its members to earn recognized Master’s Degree from reputable Universities in collaboration with Optimum Resources Institute of Engineering & Technology Management (ORIENT) and Optimum Resources Academy of Management (ORACAD)

If your dream is a career path that lifts people to the top position in Operations, you need NIPM. Become a registered member of NIPM if your goal is to be a Professional in Operations Management.


The Society for Certified Operations Management (SCOM) is a body of professionals involved in the exciting and challenging careers within the field of Operations Management whether in manufacturing, government or service industries. Join SCOM today to advance your knowledge and career in this most important function in any organization anywhere in the world. Operations is about value, competitiveness, profitability and sustainability. As a professional field the Management of Operations come within the purview of Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) being the Federal Government registered institution empowered by law to regulate the standards of practice and the promotion and advancement of the profession of Production and Operations Management in Nigeria. The Society for Certified Operations Management (SCOM)



is a professional group within the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM) which focuses on operations management. NIPM-SCOM provides a professional platform for all Operations Managers in various careers from the level of new entrants or factory worker to the level of Operations Director, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of local or international organizations.

The Certified Operations Management Professional (COMP) is an professional and certification programme involving training, self-study learning systems and examinations recognized as the standard of professional competence in Operations Management. The MSCOM-COMP programme aims at providing the needed expertise for top-level executive performance excellence. MSCOM is acronym for “Member, Society for Certified Operations Management. COMP is an equivalent of Professional Advanced Diploma in Operations Management of the College of Production And Operations Management(COPOM) and Associate Membership of the Nigerian Institute of Production Management (NIPM).

SCOM’s strategic plan to become a formidable Operations Management Institution began several years ago when some of the members started holding meetings, sharing publications and research projects, networking on cases and best practices and taking the Advanced Professional Diploma Course and Examinations of  the College of Production & Operations Management COPOM. They believe in self-development, continuous learning and ethical discipline. They are making tremendous impacts in their organizations as senior managers. They connect themselves on job and business opportunities. Members of the Society use letters-FSCOM, MSCOM and ASCOM as the Fellow, Member and Associate Member respectively.

Contact Optimum Resources Careers for your Membership and Professional Diploma enquiries.


The Institute of Operations Management Development (IoMD) promotes the advancement of Operations Management training and professional development. The Institute conducts training programmes and offers courses leading to the award of Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma in Operations Management as a means to provide the knowledge and competencies required for effective Operations Management practice.

Operations Management Development is an aspect of Production And Operations Management which deals with the advancement and improvement of knowledge and competencies of persons involved in the management of operations with the aim of improving their performance and preparing them for greater leadership responsibilities in the future.


The Operations Management Development Institution provides the much-needed cutting edge you need to glide through your career whether you are in manufacturing or service sector. IoMD is uniquely ideal for Operations Director, Technical Directors, Plant/Manufacturing/Factory Directors/Manager, General Managers, Controllers, Operations Managers, Production Managers, Engineering/Works/Project Managers/Engineers, Academics Consultants, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Human Resources Managers, Training/Manpower Development Managers and other executives who are involved in Operations Management Development. IoMD is concerned with the development and improvement of capacity and capability for successful management of Operations in any environment. Professionalism is what  IoMD brings to the table, to bridge the obvious gap between teaching, learning and practice of Operations Management. IoMD propagates the value of Integrity, Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, Mentorship, Self Development, Continuous Development and Life Long Learning which are at the core of the practice standards.

Production/Operations Managers who are involved in the training of their subordinates without competencies in training and development and professional qualifications in Operations Management, University, Polytechnics lecturers in Production and Operations Management without professional qualifications in Operations Management and Human Resources Managers, Training


and Development Managers and Consultants who train Operations Management subjects or courses without professional  knowledge or qualifications in Production And Operations Management are examples of how people cross over to other functions flippantly to the detriment of professional practice standards. These are main causes of unemployment of young graduates, low productivity, inefficiency and underperformance of employees in various industries and uncompetitiveness, low profitability or ineffectiveness of organizations. Professional development service of the Institute includes organizing interested persons into learning and networking group to enable them develop or increase their knowledge further and improve teaching, training and practice for organizational effectiveness. Members engage in advocacy for the right operating standards and campaign against proclivity for unethical conduct.  Professional development, Experiential learning and Cross-learning Best practices, Self-development, the development of subordinates and structured training  are among the approaches  that should occupy the mind of all progressive persons involved in production or operations.

The Membership group is a non-profit association of persons within the Institute and membership fees are channeled towards furthering education, research, publications and learning resources which they share. Membership classification is as follows: Research Fellow (FIoMD), Faculty Member (MIoMD),Faculty Associate (AIoMD). The development of all persons involved in Production and Operations Management is critical to the success of every organization and the development of any nation. Members meet to discuss, share resources, network, learn and cross-learn how to get operations management job done better and develop others to do so. Knowledge, skills, behavioral and ethical competencies transfer to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in Operations Management is what IoMD brings to Operations people. IoMD is a training institution and centre of the College of Production & Operations Management (COPOM) established to develop Operations Managers, encourage teaching, research, publications and learning to improve the standards of the processes, methods and systems for developing Operations Managers and persons in Operations functions. The Institute administers COPOM Operations Management Development Programmes (OMDPs) focusing on Operational, organizational, leadership and managerial skills


The Society of Certified Project Management (SCPM) operating as a division of NIPM is a professional group of persons practicing or interested in the practice of Project Management. Primarily, the Society seeks to create avenue for professional education and continuous improvement of Production /Operations directors, managers, engineers and officers in various work environment where project management knowledge and competencies are required. The Society caters for persons designated “Project Managers” and persons not so designated but whose job description or roles involve project management. And, in practice who is not involved in one project or another? No one. Even students work on projects;  only the nature, scope and complexity differs from Research And Development (R&D) and design, improvement of product quality or general processes to relocation or expansion of the factory or site, introducing new technology and systems for accounting,  production or customer service, construction or rehabilitation of railways, roads, bridges, pipelines, dams, buildings, aircrafts or ships. All of these are about Production Management from which project management derives its legitimacy


Project Management programs and software have been helpful but we need to understand their limitations and continue to demand for improved versions. There are also environmental challenges and the change factor. Project Management remains an important knowledge area of Production and Operations Management. Project Management  knowledge, skills and expertise are highly valued and in popular demand globally. With a Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management  you are loaded with the competencies  to apply the right principles, techniques and tools for the successful planning, estimating, organization, control and implementation of projects from the simple to the very complex to  the satisfaction of all


stakeholders. Take courses and membership certificate of the Society and you are on your way up the career ladder. Whether you work in or handle contracts for manufacturing, construction, agricultural, mining/oil and gas, energy/power or service organizations you will find things much easier and hold the key that can open doors of opportunities.  Get to meet others in the Society, discuss common problems, cross-learn and share information and best practices. Contact Optimum Resources Careers to register.


The College of Production & Operations Management (COPOM) is a professional education institution registered by the Federal Government in 2003 with the mandate to provide management and technical education to meet the manpower development needs of the Nation. The College is a post-graduate institution conducting Professional Diploma, Advanced Diploma,     Post-Graduate Diploma(PGD) and Affiliated Degree programmes in Production And Operations Management, Engineering Management, Technology Management, Management of Project Operations, Security Operations Management, Logistics & Transport Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Operations Management, Public Sector Operations Management, Safety, Health & Environmental Management, International Operations Management, General Operations Management with specialization in Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Oil &Gas, Mining Production etc.

The College organizes training workshops for managers, executives and other personnel of notable industrial organizations in collaboration with Optimum Resources Operations School.  At COPOM and Optimum Resources Operations School, you can get recognized professional qualifications and University Degrees (in progress) with the convenience of weekend classes or home study tuition/distance learning and guided problem-based projects to elevate your career and status.


Optimum Resources Careers provides guidance and Counseling to candidates pursuing Professional Post-Graduate Diploma in Production & Operations Management course but wish to specialize in the areas below: General Operations Management Manufacturing Management Agricultural Production Management Project Management Maintenance Operations Management Safety, Health and Environmental (HSE) Management Petroleum Production and Operations Management Energy Management Supply Chain Management Logistics and Transport Operations Management Industrial Engineering and Technology Management. Optimum Resources does not undertake degree programmes but provide links with reputable Universities globally.